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Celebrating Life

It's that time of year where we celebrate the advent season, the birth of our Savior as a little baby in Bethlehem. It's in the birth of this Child, the Son of God, that all of our hopes are placed. While we ought to be contemplating Jesus in our lives throughout the year, there is something undeniably special about Christmastime. This is true throughout the world, but is even evident in Japan, where less than 1% of the population is Christian. We pray that God would use us during this time when Japanese hearts are unusually softened towards the gospel.

We are celebrating life in more ways, though, this Christmas. While we continue to celebrate the life of Jeff's mom who passed away one month ago, we also welcome the newest edition to our family--baby Elijah! He made a surprise appearance 3 weeks early while Jeff was still in Seattle for his mom's memorial service. We are so thankful to all the friends in Japan that cared for Malia, Mason, and Kaili, and now Elijah. This crazy journey wouldn't be possible without you all--thank you! Jeff came back to Japan a few days after Elijah was born, but Malia and baby would stay in the hospital for a few days more (as is normal in Japan). Elijah has a minor health condition that puts him at higher risk of infection that the doctors are closely monitoring, but other than that, Malia and Elijah are both doing well. Thank you for all your prayers and support for our family during this roller coaster of emotions!

So we celebrate a life well-lived, a new life that is just beginning, and the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life who came on Christmas.

Elijah and Momma are home from the hospital! Happy Birthday Elijah!

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” ~Luke 2:14


  • Praise God for a safe, healthy delivery for Malia and baby Elijah!

  • Praise God for all of our friends in Japan who helped take care of Malia and the kids while Jeff was in Seattle, including an unexpected baby delivery! We felt the love and support for our family on both sides of the Pacific during this challenging time.

  • Praise God that Malia's mom arrived safely in Japan to help out for a month!


  • Please pray for baby Elijah's health condition, that it will resolve soon.

  • Please pray for Malia's recovery from the pregnancy and birth.

  • Please continue to pray for our family as we deal with the loss of Jeff's mom last month.

  • Please continue to pray for our whole family's language learning, especially as we look ahead to 2023 for in-person language class options for both Jeff and Malia.

Celebrating Elijah's birthday when he got home from the hospital.

Elijah is ready to come home from the hospital! // Elijah's baby Yoda impersonation

Grandma meeting Elijah!

From Jeff's mom's memorial--purple was her favorite color // Decorating the Christmas tree!

The large turnout for Lighthouse's summer Japan VBS missions team info meeting!

We would love to hear from you, whether it be to share your prayer requests or to simply catch up. Please know that we think of you and pray for you often.

Thanks and blessings,

The Walkers

Jeff, Malia, Mason, Kaili, and Elijah

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