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General Prayer Requests


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God's will be done in Japan

Before any plans could be made, God first gave us a heart for the Japanese people. Please pray that His will be done in Japan, and that each individual in Japan would hear God's voice and respond to love offered.


God's provision in funding

Please pray for our funding. We cannot move to Japan until we have enough parters who are willing to support us with regular financial commitments. Pray that God will provide and people will respond. Thank you to those of you who are already supporting us!


Rest and perseverance

Juggling family life with two kids, friends and family and attempts to press forward into our mission can be challenging. And this was all before COVID hit. Please pray for rest in God, focus and perseverance.


Health and protection

Please pray that God may keep us healthy and protect us from fears and lies that would mislead. Please pray also for God to protect Mason & Kaili from the chaos of moving internationally.

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