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Pray for Japan - Day 9 Saiwaicho Christ Church

If we had more than 10 days, we would love to pray over several different churches, teams, and individuals in Japan. However, with only 2 days left, today we feel called to pray for our good friends and Lighthouse partners at Saiwaicho Christ Church in Ibaraki. As you may know, this past summer Malia and I helped lead Lighthouse's short-term missions trip to run two English VBS camps with Pastor Ayumi Kurisaki and his wife Ribeka. We were all blessed with God's provision for the camps but soon after, we left Pastor Ayumi and his family to continue the hard work of running the church in Chikusei City, a church plant in Tsukuba and the soccer outreach program.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9)

The words of this verse encouraged us throughout our trip, as they comprised the lyrics for one of the VBS songs that we taught the children. We pray that it will continue to encourage Pastor Ayumi and his family as well. While we were still in Japan, we heard that the kids who came to the VBS were singing the Christian songs at home that we taught them. We pray that that continues and that the seeds that were planted at VBS find good soil and grow.

Please pray that the standing of the church in the community continues to rise, that the stigma of going inside a Christian church dissipates. Pray for God to use this church mightily to reach more Japanese for Christ. Pray that the church body takes on more leadership to help support Pastor Ayumi and Ribeka. Pray for Saiwaicho's church plant in Tsukuba, which Pastor Ayumi is currently leading as well. Pray for him and his family, that they do not get burned out leading two congregations. Pray that Lighthouse's relationship with these churches will deepen through the years through the sending of more VBS teams, and for the fruit to be bountiful. Pray that once we are in Japan ourselves that we will continue to be able to support and love Saiwaicho Christ Church.

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