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Thank you Yenokidas!


Fri Apr 26 2019 03:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Please thank God for this awesome provision. Thank Him for the amazing community He has given us here at Lighthouse Christian Church. Thank Him for Trenton and Erika and their grown children who will all be helping keep our kids safe and happy while we're gone.

With the decision to lead Lighthouse's Japan Mission Team this year, a big question on our minds is how to lead if we bring the kids with us. The challenge is that Kaili is not yet old enough to participate and therefore will need full-time attention from one of us, taking at least one parent away from other service to the team and others. We recognize that our children are our second highest ministry but is this what God wants for us? To go through the challenges of travelling overseas with our kids then not participate in the team's work? God graciously answered through prayer and the support of many as well as a generous offer from our friends Trenton and Erika Yenokida. They will be watching Mason and Kaili for the 12 days we are in Japan so Jeff and I can both serve with the team. What a blessing!

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