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Who are we?

We are Jeff and Malia Walker (and our two kiddos Mason and Kaili). We are from the Seattle area and our home church is Lighthouse Christian Church in Bellevue, WA. We are trained as a pharmacist and physical therapist but God has called us to leave behind friends, family, and career to move to Japan. We will be going with the sending organization WorldVenture and join a missionary church-planting team called the Cross Project in Kawasaki, Japan. While the process has been filled with insecurity, second-guessing, facing fears, and adjusting expectations, we are excited for all that God has planned!


Why move to Japan?

To share God's love and good news with the Japanese people.

To follow God's crazy plan for our family.

To "raise prayer" for Japan so that God may reveal His plans for others to serve the Japanese too.

Simply put, because God has called us.


Where will we be in Japan?

For at least the first term, we will be living in the city of Kawasaki, just south of Tokyo. We will most likely live near the Musashi-kosugi station. It is a rapidly-growing metropolitan area with lots of young families, but it lacks the churches needed to reach the people.

What will we be doing?

We believe that God is readying a great movement in Japan for such a time as this, but that leadership for this movement must come from within the next generation of Japanese believers, not foreigners like ourselves. Instead, God is calling us to seek out and invest in a few future leaders who will ultimately spread the good news of Jesus Christ to their own people in a uniquely Japanese way. Initially, we will learn language and culture and train with seasoned missionaries in a church-planting project called the Cross Project in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, just south of Tokyo. We hope to disciple new believers, empower youth, shepherd families through life challenges, and train new leaders to do the same. We look forward to witnessing how God will use new leaders to strengthen the Japanese church, and the Japanese church to carry His truth and love to other cultures in that region.


When will we move to Japan?

Thanks to our friends, family, and fellow believers who have committed to giving financial support to cover our monthly budget, we are now ready to make the move to Japan! Japan's borders were closed for much of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are now opening up to new visa applications for long-term residents! This is amazing news! We are hoping to get our visas approved quickly and be able to move in December 2021. We recognize it's all in God's perfect timing.



Thank you for visiting our website and please comment or send us an email if you'd like more information about our ministries or have any other questions.