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Pray for Japan - Day 4 - Transitions

Thanks for embarking on this journey of 10 days of prayer for Japan with us! We know that God needs to be at the center of all we do. He is the reason we are going to Japan in the first place! We want to cover the nation of Japan in prayer. Although sometimes it's hard to ask for it ourselves, our family also needs prayer as we begin to make final preparations for our move to Japan.

"Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty."

Psalm 91:1

For our fourth day, we'd like to humbly ask for prayer for our family's transition. As we move forward with the Certificate of Eligibility/visa application process, we are preparing for all the transitions that need to take place. We need to decide what to take to Japan, what to store in the States, and what to give away or get rid of. It will not only take time and energy, but will likely be emotional as well. Our plan is to keep our home and rent it out, so we will need to prepare to move out of our home in the next few months and into a temporary place that we can stay until we can ultimately move to Japan. This whole time we've been on this partnership development process has been a time of tension, between wanting to live our lives well here in the States while we're still here, but also looking toward the day when we will finally be in Japan. This will all ramp up exponentially in the next few months as we draw closer and closer to our move.

  • Please pray for a temporary home that our family will be able to stay at for a few months. This will serve as our place to live after we move out of our current home, and before we can board a plane to Japan.

  • Please pray for us to find renters for our house, as well as someone local to help manage the property once we're in Japan (we've had some discussions about this).

  • As we go through our stuff, please pray for the wisdom to know what to take with us to Japan (the things we'll need or make us feel "at home" in a new environment) and what to leave behind.

  • Please pray for stress levels during this time of transition to be low, for our family to trust in the Lord always, and to draw strength and guidance from Him.

Find the rest of our 10 Days of Prayer on our website:

Thanks and blessings,

The Walkers

Jeff, Malia, Mason & Kaili

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